Here are a few questions and worries you may have...


Q: What about the paperwork transfer?

A: Dont worry we will handle the transfer of all paperwork for you to ensure by the time you take delivery of your car you are totally road legal.


Q: What about insurance cover?

A: If you like we can arrange your motor policy in English for you.


Q: Can you hold the car for me until we return to Spain? 

A: Yes we will store the car free of charge either on a deposit of full payment depending on time scale


Q: How do i pay for my car once i have made my choice?

A: You can send a deposit by bank transfer of 10% of the total price and pay the balance on collection/delivery.


Q: How do I know the car is debt and finance free?

A: All our vehicles are supplied with the guarantee that there is no debt finance speeding or parking fines of any kind outstanding.


Q: Can you deliver the car to the airport ready for when we arrive in Spain?

A: Yes this is our speciality, subject to arrival airport and time we can deliver to most spanish airports depending on distance we will give you a quote for this. ( we only cover the minimal charge possible for this service ).


Q: We are not arriving in Spain for a while, would you be able to store the car if we buy before we arrive?

A: Yes, no problem at all, first 60 days storage free of charge.


Q: Do you offer a warranty with the cars?

A: Yes, all our cars come with a 12 month warranty, if the company you are dealing with doesnt ask yourself why? 


Q: What paperwork do you need from me to transfer the car into my name?

A:     a) NIE (new green style) or Residencia card copy     b)  Empadron copy    c) photo copy of your passort


a: We only need a copy of your NIE or Residencia card (if you have one)  to get the initial legal document to get you road legal, this is called a Justificante which is valid for 60 days whilst our administrator handles the original paperwork of the car to be changed into your name.   

b: As soon as possible to complete the transfer which can take up to 60 days (standard in spain) we will need a copy of your Empadron ( this is your electral role register and is the easiest and quickest paper to get from your town hall ) You could ask your lawyer to get a copy of this for you or simply call in with a copy of your deeds for your house or a copy of a rental contract and your NIE or residencia. They usually print it off there and then for you or if they are busy they may ask you to return later or the next day.

 If you have translation problems you can ring us whilst there and we will explain to them what you need.